I very firmly believe every woman deserves the presence of a doula at her birth. I also believe there is a perfect doula for every woman. Birth is such an intimate, beautiful, important experience for you. Picking the right doula to join you in this journey is vital. Interview three. Interview five. Even if you have the most perfect first interview with the first doula you interview keep your second and third appointments. I promise, the doulas you interview and don’t hire will be happy that you found your perfect doula. Of course, we’d love to have been picked but the most important thing is that the birthing woman feels completely comfortable during her birth. If there is somebody in the birthing room that holds you back birth won’t be easy and that’s the opposite of what we want as doulas. So, take your time. Ask all the questions. There are so many options you will certainly find exactly who you are looking for.


And let’s say you find somebody you really really like but they are maybe more than you can afford. A doula will do everything they can to help you. Payment plans or giving you a discount. Because, in the end, it’s not really about the money. If neither of those will work for you though, we always have referrals to a similar style/personality doula that may be able to help you out.