I’ve talked a little bit about what a doula does and how every woman should have access to one. I’ve only had one birth and I had a doula. That’s the only experience I have, so for this piece I asked my sister in law/brother questions about their experience birthing without and then with a doula. This is a two part blog with her questions being answered this week and my brother’s questions next week.


1.What was the big draw for you hiring a doula? You mentioned Brooke would talk to you about her work during nursery but what ultimately made you decide to hire one for your second birth?

I wasn’t happy with my first birth experience. I knew I needed someone there to find creative solutions for me so I could have an unmedicated birth.


  1. You didn’t have a doula for your first birth but did for your second and third. What were some noticeable differences in your first and then subsequent births?

In comparison, my first birth was lonely. I didn’t feel supported and I didn’t feel that my husband had any support. He helped me as much as he could, but he got tired and needed rest. The nurse was unable to spend any time with me, only coming in to turn up my IV. With my second and third, my husband and I were just able to be together. And I was able to draw strength from his calm, unflustered presence. He didn’t have to try to figure out how to help or what position I should be in. We were both supported, each in unique ways.


  1. Did you get the births you wanted with your second and third births with having a doula there?

No, I have not had my ideal birth yet. I have some complications during labor that have prevented me from that. But I have been in control of my second and third births. I haven’t had to make any choices out of desperation, or felt like I was railroaded into anything. I have felt supported, surrounded by people who believed I could do it, and are committed to enabling me to that end.


Next week I have questions answered by my brother so I can get a dad’s perspective on hiring a doula. I’m really excited about that.

Thank you to Jade for taking time to answer these questions for me and being a guest on my blog.