I’ve been looking forward to writing this little blog because I think a dads perspective of a doulas worth is so important. More often than not the dad/birth partner has more doubts when deciding to hire a doula than the mom does. It is usually the mom’s idea after all. But, dads need doulas too. I have a few shorter articles that list reasons why dads need doulas.




But, the purpose of my writing this blog is to get real answers from real dads about their experience with a doula. My brother, Garis’,  wife labored without a doula and then with a doula twice. My husband, David, has only experienced my one labor with a doula.

  1. What were your initial thoughts when I brought up wanting to hire a doula?
    1. Garis: It seemed silly, but I thought it might feel helpful to her.
    2. David: At first I thought they were unncessary. But I knew you wanted one, and I knew that it would help calm your fears for delivery.
  2. As a husband/birth partner did you notice any difference in your ‘role’ during each birth?
    1. Garis: Having a doula made my role much easier, because the doula was able to tell me exactly what Jade needed from me during each stage of labor.
  3. How helpful do you think a doula is?
    1. David: During labor, your doula was invaluable and I can’t imagine doing it without one.
  4. Would you suggest to other people they should hire a doula?
    1. David: YES!
  5. You hired a doula for your third birth so obviously you see the benefits of having a doula. What are your top two or three pieces of advice to a couple who may be considering hiring a doula?
    1. Jade and Garis: Take some time to consider what you need from your doula, whether it’s information, someone familiar a specific birthing technique, someone who can comfort you, or to coach you through labor and delivery.