I bought tulips for my babies. Yellow for Judah and pink/red for Emerson. Truthfully, I’ve associated tulips with them since I found out I was pregnant. Shortly after I found out I was pregnant I was walking around my little town and saw this…

But especially now that they are in Heaven tulips will have special meaning for me. They will always be Emerson and Judah’s flowers. A little way I can remember them. Not that I could ever forget. I’ve never seen the beauty in them until this past week though.

They’re blooming now. I didn’t realize when I bought them that the blooming would make me sad. They’re opening now and it’s a reminder that while they are growing here with me, my babies are not.

I’m not very good with flowers and plants. I’d say I had a black thumb. But I will work especially hard with these. They really are beautiful flowers aren’t they?