I found this article while browsing Pinterest and just wanted to share it…and my possible difficult days ahead.


My due date-November 26th. I was 17 days late with Zara so I expected to be a little late with this pregnancy too hoping it to go into December…but with it being twins maybe I would have gone early. Either way, November 26th is the only date I will know and that is based on my last menstrual period.

The anniversary of Loss-April 6th was the day of the terrible ultrasound. April 7th was when I officially passed Emerson and April 8th was when I officially passed Judah.

National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day-October 15th.

The Day you find out you are pregnant again-I don’t want to get pregnant again for a long time. But when I do I will be more worried about a subsequent miscarriage than I was about miscarrying than I was before.

When you hear about the pregnancies of others-I’ve said something similar to this on a previous blog and she says something similar in her blog. Believe me when I say that I am and will always be happy when someone announces their pregnancy. But it will be a reminder that I lost the pregnancy I wanted and prayed for.

Other holidays that may remind us of our loss-I lost them around Easter and their due date was around Thanksgiving.

-Confessions of a Miscarriage Mama-

(written on April 15th, 2017)