On one of my first blogs I said something about how I need to focus all of my attention on Zara. David brought to my attention, rightfully so, that I excluded him. God, marriage, family is the proper order isn’t it? So, today I’m going to just share a little bit about us.

We met in church in our college life group. We hated each other for quite some time. I was rude and he just thought he was so funny. (We went to six flags with our college group. I was taking pictures of my friends and he wanted one. I only took one so he would stop bugging me. I did NOT like him at this time.)

david at six flags

I texted him first…I needed a graphic designer to help me with a fundraiser for a mission trip to Peru.

He invited me to pizza, a barbecue, and another barbecue. Turns out he actually is pretty funny.


(Our first picture together on our way to volunteer after the Moore tornado.)

He made me coffee while we played the dumbest fame on earth. I knew I would marry him that night.

We had our first kiss in Costa Rica and he told me his deepest secrets. I still knew I’d marry him.

He bought me burlap toms and sunflowers the day he asked me to be his girlfriend. Both of our love languages are gift giving.

He proposed in Utica, Kansas, where he grew up. (In this picture I scuffed his shoes. He was really sad.)

i scuffed his shoes

We were married 8 months after we started dating on February 8, 2014.

We spent our honeymoon in Ireland…I was sick the whole time and he was so sweet taking care of me.

He will hold me so tightly in his arms when I am so mad and yelling and

crying and will make me talk because he loves me.

He cried when Zara was born.

first picture with zara

He really really believed in me giving birth drug free at home.

He’s the one who figured out how to make Zara laugh.

He loves Zara with his whole mind, body, and soul.

He is heartbroken at the loss of Emerson and Judah.

He’s held me so much while I’ve cried these last three weeks.

He is grieving and my heart hurts for him.

I love him and he loves me.

-confessions of David’s wife-