“Well, bummer.”

Here are some situations you might expect to hear someone say, ‘Well, bummer.”

*The time I didn’t cook the black beans long enough when making stuffed bell peppers.

*The time my husband was disappointed with the new Beauty and the Beast movie that he was so looking forward to seeing.

*When you forget the one ingredient you went to the store to buy.

Here is as situation you would not expect to hear someone say, “Well, bummer.”

When you go to your therapist in one of his cancellation spots and he tells you that he heard the unfortunate news from the on staff nurse. Just in case you’re wondering, the definition of ‘bummer,’ is ‘a thing that is annoying or disappointing,’ with an example being, “that party sure was a bummer,” according to google.

Now, let me just say that I really like my therapist. He reminds of Robin Williams in Patch Adams. He’s easy to talk to. But, now I’m a little weary. Those are just not the words of someone who has a degree in psychology, is an active therapist, the husband to a wife who had two miscarriages, another human being.

I don’t really have any wise words or productive thoughts to say in response to this. I have two more scheduled appointments with him that I will obviously go to. But I don’t know if I trust him like I use to. And I definitely don’t want to start over with a brand new therapist. What’s a girl to do?

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-confessions of a miscarriage mama-

(written on April 17th, 2017)