April 22, 2017

Today I want to talk about first impressions. I have been listening to Leeland and Bethel a lot lately, because, well, they’re amazing. In the video below Leeland talks about how wrong first impressions are so wrong. How we should look at people and see their worth through the eyes of the Father. It starts at around the 18 minute mark.

I am very very bad at first impressions. I can’t think of one person who I had a negative first impression at first who I did not end up loving. They’re my main support team now. David, Jade, Amelia…the list goes on but I won’t name all of them in case they didn’t know I had a negative first impression of them.

The inspiration behind this blog is very simple and maybe a little silly.. I received a package in the mail. A pair of leggings from LuLaRoe Rachel Boyse. I started crying as soon as I pulled them out. They’re not a pair I would have thought about buying. I already have two pair from the Valentines Capsule. But they’re so special to me. I want to wear them every day with my angel wing earrings. Turns out negative first impressions can even be put on clothes. They really are so pretty.


So, the inspiration is silly. I wouldn’t have even connected the two if it’s not something David and I had talked about recently and/or if I hadn’t been listening to Leeland. Not everything small brings a more important lesson. Some things are supposed to just be small. But sometimes it’s the things you least expect and the most random time that speak so deeply to you.

I’ve had some very surprising support come from people I never expected. I feel like I’ve already said so much about the kind words I’ve received but I can never say enough.

Thank you for listening.

Thank you for reading.

-confesssions of Regina-