Zara Maelle Rain was born on April 4th, 2016 at 12:49 a.m.

zara's first picture

When I was pregnant with her I prayed these things over her. I wanted her to have hair. I want her to be confident and love people.

She rolled off the couch for the first time at around 2 weeks old.

Her nicknames are Zarbucks and Zar Zar Binks.

She is already quite the traveler. She’s been to Iowa, Wisconsin, The Grand Canyon, San Diego, Kentucky, and flown in a plane. She did so well!

grand canyo

She started crawling at 5 months.

She started cruising/standing at 7.5 months.

She loves her puppy.

Her favorite toys are the one that speak spanish, play music, and her piano.

She calms down if I sing ‘Closer’ by the Chainsmokers. She also seems to really enjoy rap…yikes. I’m playing more worship music around her.

She loves loves loves to dance to that music.

She will say, ‘uh-oh,’ and ‘hoo-rah.’ My little marine.

She likes oranges, avocado, and grapes. She does not like peaches.

She is the happiest baby I have ever seen. Her smile and laugh is just the most beautiful thing I have ever seen/heard.

happy baby

I love her.

-confessions of Zara’s momma-