Zara’s bedtime routine when she was 3 months old.

  1. Change diaper
  2. Put on jammies
  3. Make bottle
  4. Bam! Bed.

The boys bedtime routine.

  1. Change Wesley’s diaper: put on resinol for the everlovin’ diaper rash. Aren’t these supposed to be more common in girls? Zara didn’t have a significant one until like 9 months??
  2. Change Helmle’s diaper. Make sure his Snuza go is securely attached to his diaper. That way you can be a little more relaxed because it will loudly beep if he stops breathing.
  3. Rub baby vicks on both babies chests.
  4. Put on the Jim jams. Make sure Helmle’s baby snuza is still securely attached.
  5. Give them their dose of Zantac. Wait for several minutes to see if they’d going to spit it all up. Hopefully they don’t legit throw it up and you have to wash your sheets, change your clothes and change their jammies.
  6. Suction their nose…again. Because no matter how much you suction there is still snot to suction.
  7. Give them their milk. Wait for several minutes again to make sure they’re not going to blow chunks and burp them.
  8. If they do lose their second dinner decide whether or not you REALLY need to wash your sheets. It’s so late and you just want to sleep.
  9. Lay them down. Make sure there is nothing they can suffocate on.
  10. Make sure Helmle’s snuza is still securely attached.
  11. Lay down and eat so You can stay awake for just a little bit longer to make sure they keep breathing.
  12. Check to make sure there is still nothing they can suffocate on.
  13. Check Helmle’s snuza again.
  14. Feel Wesley’s chest just to be sure.
  15. Check one last time for suffocation hazards.
  16. Really lay down now.’
  17. Admit that you have no idea. You’re like a first time mom.

Is it a myth that you’re more laid back when the second one rolls around? Because that is the opposite of what happened for me.