Here’s a little something for all you primary parents.

Does anybody else wish for just one day that they could be the non primary parent.

That your partner would be the one to get them up, dressed, and fed.

That your partner would be the one with children wanting to sit on their lap while trying to go potty.

That they knew where your daughters favorite cup was…

they would be the one to cut open an orange, banana, and apple before your kid decides that what they actually want is just some string cheese.

That they would be the one reading the same book/singing the same song/watching the same episode of paw patrol 17 million times.

They would be the one kissing every ouchie, changing every diaper, brushing hair and teeth,

making sure they do a learning activity, outside time, and bathing.

Getting appointment confirmation calls and driving them to the pediatrician and dentist.

Making sure they go down for nap time at exactly 11.30 otherwise all hell will break loose and your child won’t sleep until 10 that night.

That they knew what eating a cold dinner….or not eating dinner until after 11 was like.

They cut all the finger and toe nails so so carefully.

That they knew what it was like to have a 168 hour a week job (or a 208 hour a week job for those primary parents with full time jobs) and it not be socially acceptable to complain about it.

Because apparently society doesn’t realize that this is a job…we don’t get paid for it. Chef, chauffeur, mediator, nurse, maid/servant, stylist, CEO, singer, etc etc.

While you can just sleep in…or get ready for work by yourself…or shower…or eat…

in peace. 🤷🏻‍♀️

(And this is coming from someone who has a pretty involved partner.)